Since 1985, as AnkiSOFT, We Developed INFRASTRUCTURE SOFTWARE, by Using Them, Up to Now;

16,809 km (118 projects) WATER SUPPLY Network Design
51,621 km (544 projects) WASTEWATER Network Design
2,344 km (99 projects) STORMWATER Network Design
3,899 km (122 projects) WATER TRANSMISSION LINE Design

Totally 74,673 km (1,028 projects) Network Design Complated and Approved by the Related Organizations.

Why Choose Us?

You can do some errors during the modelling of the network. You can find those by using the software commands and you can fix them.

By using the software commmands, each of errors will be shown to you and explanatory warning will be shown to you too. The software will wait your fixing.

During the modelling works, all the network members will be shown to you as on the paper.

So you don’t need to move texts, you don’t need to change fonts, you don’t need to change lineweights etc. The only thing that you have to do is to send it to plotter.

You can do lots of changes on the network model (adding member, deleting member, moving member etc.).

You can do UNDO as much as AutoCAD or ZWCAD permits.

You can prepare water supply network, wastewater network, stormwater network or water transmission line for Google Earth easily.

It will be enough to make a few small adjustement in [KML-deltaXY.INP] file.

If you are doing design of wastewater network and/or stormwater network, you have to prepare intersection details at each intersection.

You can prepare it wherever that you want on the network drawing.

After the completion of the network design, you can do wastewater (sewerage) network simulation for 24 hours. Simulation uses a 24-hours pattern. You can see the simulation results on the network for desired hour. Or, you can see maximum simulation values for pipes, then you can discuss the results.

The pipes having higher velocity/fullness ratio will be shown in different notation. So, you can check the network in minimum time.

For More Information about Wastewater Network Simulation Please Click.

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16,809 km
118 proje
51,621 km
544 proje
2,344 km
99 proje
3,899 km
122 proje
74,673 km
1,028 proje

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