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AnkiSOFT Software - baBORU - Concrete/Reinforced Concrete Pipe Design Software

AnkiSOFT SoftwarebaBORU – Concrete/Reinforced Concrete Pipe Design Software


AnkiSOFT Yazılım‘s concrete/reinforced concrete pipe design software, baBORU; is developed for concrete, reinforced concrete and ACP pipes. It is for to design/analyse the pipes under different conditions (production, construction, soil type, backfill, traffic load, …).

The software standards are; TS-7397, TS-821, TS-1902 and TS-500.

You can select; geometrical properties of pipe, material property of pipe, live-load type to apply on it, soil conditions of the trench, backfill material type, geometrical properties of the trench, basement type, backfill height over the pipe. You can make selections interactively by using the options on the software form.

You can try different combinations, until you reached to the situation that you want.

Some information on the output are; soil pressure calculation, additional live-load calculation, total pressure effecting the pipe, slope of the basement layer, bending moments under top pressure, weather loads effecting the pipe exceeds top pressure or not, critical reinforcement area, calculated reinforcement area and the selected reinforcement area.